Motion Quotes are Micro-Content for Social Media

Motion Quotes

Motion Quotes are the answer to boring static quote posts. They stand out in your feed, demanding and captivating the attention of your audience!

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We’ve reinvented static quote posts!


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We’ll use your brand and create an animated template which is completely unique to your brand


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We will get to work creating your Motion Quote quickly. They’re perfect for podcasts, customer testimonials or case studies


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You’ll quickly receive your shiny new Motion Quote, exported in the correct formats, ready to post on all your accounts

Quote Posts vs Motion Quotes

The difference is stark! Our Motion Quotes have huge impact and separate you from your competition!

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Feed Ignite were a pleasure to work…

Feed Ignite were a pleasure to work alongside. They made our content look AMAZING on social media, they gave us suggestions to improve and they never stopped trying to give us as much bang for our buck as they could. I really can't recommend them enough.

Iain Macintosh - Chief Executive, Muddy Knees Media
Iain Macintosh
Chief Executive, Muddy Knees Media