Webinar to Micro-Content

Webinar to Podcast

Let us create a Podcast from your Webinar events. The perfect start to podcasting, with minimal effort.

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Why start a Podcast?

Podcasts are on the rise, Apple Podcasts features more than 500,000 active podcasts, including content in more than 100 languages. It’s no surprise that those numbers are climbing daily. In most cases, Webinar events are perfectly suited to be Podcast episodes.

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What's included...

  • Branding & Artwork
  • Intro & Outro Design
  • Editing
  • Hosting & Publishing
  • Micro-Content
Podcast Starter kit

Branding & Artwork

We'll make your show stand out from the crowd.

Podcast Starter kit

Intro & Outro Design

We will work with you on creating the perfect jingles for your show.

Podcast Starter kit


Professional podcast editing.

Podcast Starter kit

Hosting & Publishing

We ensure your show is heard on all the popular listening platforms.

Podcast Starter kit


The insights you need to track how your podcast performs.

Podcast Starter kit


We repurpose your episodes and create stacks of Social Media Micro-Content.

How it works..

How to start a Podcast with Feed Ignite...

We handle everything so you don’t need to worry!
Creating your first Podcast with Feed Ignite is really simple:

  • 1We set-up your show and create your show’s artwork
  • 2You send us your Webinar recording, we edit, produce and publish on all major podcast platforms
  • 3With the finished show, we create several pieces of Micro-Content, perfect for promoting on Social Media.

How does it compare?

Feed Ignite

We handle everything from Recording to Promoting your show!

  • Fast.
  • No set-up fees.
  • No long-term commitment.

Hiring Staff or Contractors:

x1 Audio Engineer x1 Designer x1 Animator x1 Social Media Expert

To cover all of the skills that we provide, at least 4 members of staff are required.

  • Hiring is slow.
  • Expensive hiring fees.
  • Long-term commitment.