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Make your virtual events work harder for you

We repurpose your virtual events and squeeze the absolute most out of them, giving you more marketing bang for your buck, weeks (even months) later!

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“They took my 30 minute long webinar and created 29 pieces of quality content that I could share on social media, I can’t think of a better and more cost effective way to bring attention to my content”

Why repurpose your virtual events?

Extract hidden value and get more engagement 

Virtual events are packed full of value, we extract this value and put it to work by repurposing the events into a more bite-sized form.

Increase the long-tail and ROI of your virtual event

Much effort goes into running a virtual event, we make sure you have stacks of content to keep sharing weeks or even months after it’s broadcast, increasing the long-tail and maximizing the ROI.

Revive old virtual events

Don’t let your evergreen content gather dust. We can uncover and extract value that might have been otherwise wasted by giving it a new lease of life.

Take your virtual event to new audiences

Our service allows you to reach new audiences on new platforms, so you’re not limited to those who attended your event. There’s a whole world of people to put your content in front of!

The big event marketing mistake...

Are you making this mistake when promoting your virtual event? Don't worry, we can help...

Typical event marketing strategy

You know the story, there is anticipation, build up, excitement and a flurry of efforts put into pulling attendees in to join the event. The event happens, then nothing.

The wealth of value shared during your event has been available only to the people who attended.

Feed Ignite event marketing strategy

In comparison to businesses who use Feed Ignite to repurpose their events, they benefit from the long tail of multiple articles, videos and image posts that last weeks, sometimes months after.

By repurposing your content, you boost the ROI of the time it takes to run your event, offering more chances for new people to discover your business, service or product.

What we offer

Our virtual event content repurposing packages are simple and easy to understand


Social Media Boost

We repurpose your virtual event, so you can maximise your social media presence with stacks of bite-sized sharable content.

What you get:

Custom Design

Exported Chapters

Social Media Video Clips

Static Image Posts​

SEO Boost

Want to drive more traffic to your website or blog without having to come up with and write new articles?

Let our team of professional copywriters repurpose your virtual events into compelling articles.

What you get:

Up to 1000 word article

Professional copywriting

Keyword optimised

Fast turnaround


Zoom to Podcast

Reach a new audience on a new platform without the need to invest in expensive recording equipment.

We will repurpose your Zoom recordings and transform them into professional sounding (and looking) podcast episodes.

What you get:

Intro & outro creation

Podcast artwork

Professional editing

Publishing to major platforms

Happy Coffee repurposing online event content
Case Study

Learn how we repurposed 29 pieces of content from a single video

Ready to repurpose your content?

Let Feed Ignite do the work for you with no fuss and a fast turnaround.