Happy Coffee Webinar Case Study

repurposing content client - Happy Coffee

Case Study

29 pieces of content repurposed from a single video

Check out the content we repurposed for Happy Coffee Consulting.

What we did

The team at Happy Coffee hosted a webinar to CX professionals, and Feed Ignite helped them to showcase the webinar content in different ways to maximise its value. 

We worked together with Happy Coffee to repurpose the webinar so that a wider audience could engage with their content through:

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23 Shareable Chapters

We chopped the webinar into bite-sized chapters, making the content easier to share as snippets on social media, and helping Happy Coffee’s customers find the bits they’re interested in more quickly. 

Feed Ignite worked to determine the best way to split the content by viewing the webinar from start to finish, outlining the different chapters and exporting each one with an animated Happy Coffee outro. 

Perfect for:

700 Word Article

We worked with the Happy Coffee team to identify the keywords that were important to their business. Our copywriting team then dissected the webinar and created a thoughtful article packed with SEO wins, capturing all of the relevant keywords in a natural way. 

This article not only provides their audience with another way to consume the webinar content, but it delivers long term value through helping with their SEO performance and rankings too. 

Perfect for:

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2 Animated Video Clips

Feed Ignite took the key takeaways from the webinar and created custom animated video clips which pack a punch and deliver maximum social media impact. 

Perfect for:

3 Image Posts

We all know the saying a picture speaks a thousand words, so we created a handful of stunning image posts that perfectly sum up Happy Coffee’s tips, quotes and thought-provoking questions to generate engagement from their audience on social media.

Perfect for:

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