Why you should start a podcast

1. Podcasting for business – Target Audience Convenience

Think about your customers. It’s so much easier for Consumers to listen to you via podcast (in the bath, commuting , walking the dog, hoovering – you get the gist) rather than having to find the time to sit and focus on a skimmable four thousand word blog or watch your vlog.

A podcast is actually a disruptive medium, an innovation that creates a whole new marketplace and value. In short it’s a game changer. Podcasts for businesses and brands are going to become more or less essential in the very near future. Why? Because people love them. It’s that simple and with such a vast amount of information out there for the consumer it’s surely logical to make yours easily accessible in a format that your audiences will enjoy! Don’t get left behind.

2. Podcasts build trust – Popular with the consumer

Listening to a podcast helps your target audience get to know you on a more personal level, gaining a layer of trust which makes them infinitely more likely to buy your product/services. Blogs and vlogs can help do this too BUT there’s nothing, to date, matching the powerful and emotional connection between Podcast Host and listener. Nothing.

3. Stand out from the crowd – Become the Expert in your Industry

By giving freely useful advice on your Podcast about a specific topic (and consistently) helps you naturally position yourself as an authority in your ‘world’. Much like writing a book on a given subject, a great podcast will help establish, then develop your reputation as an expert.

Interviewing other specialists in your field will also expand your network. Keep things interesting… (No pressure!)

4. Podcasting on a budget – Time and Cost Effective Marketing

Podcast equipment and Podcasting software has come substantially down in price making it much more affordable today than at the advent of podcasting. Podcasting is a financially healthy proposition for your business now more than ever before. Podcasts, even on a tight budget, can be massively successful in developing brand awareness.

Statistics would suggest that approximately 6 blogs information can be equalled if not surpassed by one twenty minute podcast episode. (And it’s delivered via a medium Consumer’s really engage with!)

(Don’t forget that Podcast episodes are a fabulous source for even more great content. It’s simple to repurpose them for blogs, infographics and for the various social media avenues. Podcasts are such a cost effective way to promote your business why not talk to us about your ideas for your own podcast series?)

5. Podcasts for Brand Promotion – Promote your own products or services

Inevitably the bond that you create between yourself and your audience will encourage conversion to actual business for your company. Let’s face facts, the majority of podcast Hosts will be looking for good ways to monetise or promote their own products and services. It can be by design or as a byproduct of the trust garnered from listeners.

Take the opportunity to mention what’s available to your audience, special offers or promotions of your own or even great deals you’ve noted industry wide. They are listening! A podcast however is a real commitment, it shouldn’t be created necessarily with a view to sell a product. The listener will soon drift if the host is forever trying to take their money! Getting the right balance can be tricky, we can help you achieve it.

6. Podcasts for longevity – ‘Evergreen’ content – They’re ‘Sticky’

Please excuse the buzz words… but Podcasts do have an indefinite life span, hence the evergreen. Experience tells us that when you initially add an episode to your podcast you’ll see a large volume of your regular listeners download it straight away. However, over time, those downloads do continue, well…indefinitely! It’s noteworthy that new listeners to your Podcast, once hooked, will often browse through all of your previous episodes.

So. Creating a podcast is a fun way for you to increase your brand’s size, loyalty and value. Hiring professional content creators to do the fiddly bits and nudge you along in the right direction obviously being the cherry on your podcast cake. 😉

What are some characteristics of a great podcast?

⚡️ Episodes should be between 20-60 minutes
⚡️ Insights and interviews that resonate with your ‘world’
⚡️ Conversational tone
⚡️ Interviews with suppliers, customers or partners
⚡️ Regular and consistent delivery of your show