Why you should create an explainer video

1. They are preferred by consumers

One of the best marketing tools available are explainer videos

Consumer’s cannot get enough of them, they’ll choose watching a video over reading info every time. If you need to explain a complex product or service to a target audience the most effective way is using an explainer video, animated videos are particularly popular and be simply tailored to both your audience and your brand.

2. They’re great for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

If you’ve have your Explainer Video on YouTube then you are well placed indeed, next to Google YouTube is the most used and second largest search platform today. How many of us turn to ‘how to’ videos when we need a clearer explanation? Enough said.

Having an Explainer Video on your website proper will also give your SEO a healthy boost! When a visitor to your site sticks around to watch a video it increases the length of time that they are engaging with you and that’s picked by algorithms which measure exactly those kinds of things. It’s a win win. What are you waiting for?

3. They build trust (that leads to conversion) with consumers

Video format uses storytelling in order to build trust with your target audience. Stories are powerful, using this medium your viewers can readily see that you understand them and their problems. Most importantly that you actually know how to help them to solve those problems!

Cartoons (or animated Explainer Videos) further create a positive emotional connection between your target audience and your brand. This somewhat nostalgic childhood bond, that notion of cartoons equalling happiness, reinforces the trust between your company and the Consumer which of course could be considered the aim of any marketing video. A Consumer that trusts you is likely to buy your products and services. Simple eh?

4. They’re perfect for social media

If you’re not already using video content on social media for your business then you’re falling behind others in your industry. Which isn’t great. Short, shareable videos are becoming an essential for almost every brand’s social media presence – The click through rate on video is higher than any other kind of post and they are the most shared too.

Much of social media is accessed by mobile devices and mobile users prefer video content. Easier to watch a video than reading text! In the current economic climate the buying power of Social Media Users is to be ignored at your brand’s peril.

5. They help explain the complex – for total clarity

There are some concepts that need to be explained properly, when text alone just isn’t enough. Video can clearly illustrate things like what your business actually does, just how your products or services work and most crucially how they can help your Consumer to solve their problems.

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What are some characteristics of a great explainer video?

⚡️ Two minutes or less
⚡️ Clear and concise
⚡️ Conversational tone
⚡️ A focus on benefits not features
⚡️ Specific call-to-action